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Vivint Security Monitor in Ogden
September 23, 2021

Could I install a security camera as a baby monitor in Ogden?

Could I install a security camera as a baby monitor in Ogden?

In the process of assembling your child’s first room, you carefully followed steps to build the crib, painted the space a soft, lighter shade, and installed a fully-stocked diaper-changing area. Now it's time to determine how you want to keep an eye on your newborn. You have the option of going with the typical monitoring choice that lets you listen in through an integrated speaker, or you could improve your technology and utilize HD video, two-direction communications, and activation motion detection.

This advanced option kind of sounds like video surveillance included in a modern home security package, but would you use a security camera as a baby monitor in Ogden? 

What are you looking for in a baby monitor in Ogden?

In previous generations of parenting, a baby monitor was really straightforward. You install a microphone-type device in close contact to the crib, which transmits an audio feed to a connected gadget that resembles a walkie talkie. Fortunately, baby monitors now provide additional benefits. For example, some monitors now include HD video and two-way talk. You may even link many monitors to Wi-Fi so you may roam throughout your home. The leading baby monitors in Ogden are so elaborate that they resemble inside surveillance in both features and expense.

Can you replace your baby monitor for an indoor security camera?

Due to the fact that baby monitors and home defense cameras incorporate comparable functionality, there are many people in Ogden integrating their nursery to their overall home defense. It’s a smart approach -- specifically when using to Vivint smart home technology -- as your baby monitor will include:

Night vision video: Your monitoring device should have at minimum 1080p high-def video, and infrared functionality for night vision.

Two-direction audio: Sometimes, you don't need to go inside the bedroom to soothe your newborn back to sleep. A comforting word could be the only thing needed to keep your little one asleep.

Motion sensors: While it’s possible to have your camera continuously keep a close eye on your child, your own alertness might start to lag. However, when your security camera identifies anything unusual, it can be programmed to send a notification to your mobile device. Perfect if your child silently tries to climb out of the crib or if your curious cat wanders into the space.

Save and send recordings: Most baby monitors aren’t able to save portions of video. Now you have the ability to transmit a 20-second clip to a relative or family friend to allow them a glimpse of what a beautiful sleeping baby you have.

Smartphone access: In lieu of lugging a separate device with you, you are now able to view your child from your home security app. You can even check in on your child and sitter if you’re lucky enough to have an evening away.

Your security camera baby monitor can be part of your smart home installation

The great part about using a security camera as a baby monitor in Ogden is that it can link to your other home security and home automation components. As an illustration, if you observe that your newborn is particularly restless, you can adjust your integrated thermostat from mobile security application to increase the room’s comfort. Or when they rouse for a late-night snack, you can gently raise the nursery’s smart lighting to signal that you're on your way. If you by chance have multiple kids in separate spaces, you could give each one an indoor security camera and monitor the feeds in a unified smartphone app.

An indoor security camera in Ogden is included in your home’s complete security and automation package

If you would like a home security camera to use as a baby monitor or just want one for your home defense, begin by reaching out to Secure24 Alarm Systems. A Vivint specialist will guide you through the available choices and work hard to configure the ideal security plan for your unique needs. Place a call to (801) 903-1699 or submit the form on this page.