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Door And Window Alarm Sensors In Ogden

In terms of the most susceptible places for a break-in, your main entrance and first-floor windows are at the very top. With that being said, it isn’t a shock that door and window alarm sensors continue to be essential devices for home security installations in Ogden. Although the technology has been in use for decades, you will probably be surprised at what modern sensors are able to do.

Window sensor alarm up close

How Can Door and Window Sensors Protect You?

Whether you select a straightforward approach or the most comprehensive system, you’ll be happy to know that window and door alarm sensors are incorporated into all ADT packages. Installation is also part of the deal so you there’s no need for you to trouble with it yourself, and you won’t need to fret about your equipment being installed properly.

Each sensor features corresponding magnetic contacts. One part is adhered to the adjacent frame, and the other is secured right to the door or window. You close your access point and the contacts connect together seamlessly. When the system is activated and an entrance is forced open, the magnetic contacts come apart and your alarm is set off. But you should know, these newer devices can do a good deal more than just trigger your alarm.

Perks Of ADT Door And Window Alarm Sensors In Ogden

At the forefront of your home defense, window and door alarm sensors supply a range of perks, such as the following:

  • Initiate the alarm: These devices trip your high-pitched siren when a window or door is opened while your system is active.
  • Instant updates: Do you wish to know what’s occuring at your house when you’re not there? You can get instant alerts straight to your cell phone when a sensor is tripped.
  • 24-hour monitoring: Not only will you be alerted, your 24-7 monitoring professionals will receive a warning as well. Your property will be safeguarded, irregardless of where you are.
  • Home automation interactions: Set your home’s smart devices to work in a unified manner. You might have your lighting engage or have a camera to start recording when an entry point sensor is triggered. Not only can you have your alarm sound, you’ll have the opportunity to catch sight of who set off the sensor to begin with.
  • Appealing design: You’ll barely be able to tell the sensors are even present. They have an unobtrusive design that complements any decor. You even have the ability to get completely recessed sensors that are concealed from view.
  • Choice of connectivity: Select from wireless or wired devices depending on the kind of installation that works best for you. Either way, your home will be better protected.

More versatile than previous iterations, window and door sensors in Ogden can be expertly incorporated into your complete home security system.

Customize Your Modern Home Security System In Ogden

How would you like to have modern window and door alarm sensors in Ogden that boost your security and link straight to your home automation? That is what you will enjoy when consulting with your area ADT dealers at Secure24 Alarm Systems. If you would like to find out what we can do for you, dial (801) 903-1699 or submit the easy form below.