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September 09, 2021

Are Smart Locks Worth It In Ogden

Do you often think about replacing your locks? Of course, you might go the conventional route and use a common deadbolt, or you might elect to go an alternate route with a keypad system. But, if you seek the most advanced solution, you should consider installing a smart locking solution that can integrate into your home security system.

You may be asking this question: Are smart locks worth it in Ogden? Or is this an example of wasting your hard-earned money on needlessly confusing devices?

Traditional Locks Vs. Smart Locks in Ogden

When evaluating entryway locks, you will find a multitude of choices. With that in mind, you will discover most doors are protected by either a handle lock and a key deadbolt, a deadbolt with keypad, or a smart solution integrated into your home security. Operate an ordinary deadbolt, and the metal bar enters past a strike plate on the wooden frame. The bolts can be a door handle lock that’s operated via a spring, which makes it harder to break open with a a crowbar or other device. If you would prefer not having to trouble yourself with an ordinary keyed entry, you have the option of getting a touch-pad solution that triggers the bolt by using a 3- or 4-number code.

Smart locks are connected devices that is a popular alternative for your standard handle and deadbolt locks. Similar to touchpad solution, you enter a preset code to gain access. But with a smart lock, you will be able to integrate with your Wi-Fi or your overall security package to do more. By using a mobile app, you are given the chance to:

● Remotely lock and unlock your door

● Create customized keycodes for occupants and frequent visitors

● Receive text alerts when someone unlocks the door

● Set short-term key codes for guests

In What Situations Are Smart Locks Worth It In Ogden?

If you are considering the addition of a couple smart locks instead of standard keyed entries, you might be unsure if they are worth the upgrade. It might be nice to remotely unlock your doors, but the make and model play a big role in how dependable and functional they will be. If you go with an independent device, make sure that your smart lock utilizes up-to-date encryption and features a mobile application that gets regular updates.

However, the real advantage of a smart locking system is found when integrating it with your home security system. Now you can make your locks coordinate with other security devices to enhance your protection while making your life easier. To illustrate, when your video doorbell detects a person coming up to your front porch, your smart locks can click shut automatically. Or set geotracking on your phone’s security app and automatically unlock your doors as you approach in your car. You may even want to program an alarm to sound if someone tries to punch in the wrong lock code repeatedly.

When you weigh the benefits, a smart lock is worth it in Ogden if it’s connected to your comprehensive security system!

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